Building Solutions with Technology

Our Mission

The digital world is always evolving, our mission is to keep up with it

Our line of Bare Metal Dedicated Servers deliver unmatched performance at a fraction of the industry cost.

Triii Technologies LLC & WEB3

At Triii Technologies LLC, we make use of web 3 based technologies on the daily for a wide assortment of use cases.

Our involvement with Projects within the Web3 EcoSphere or ‘Blockchain Technology’ is focused around open source projects that provide utility, or a service over the blockchain. Web3 is a new evolving method of decentralized content delivery, from ipfs based websites to DApps (Decentralized Applications), it is intended to be the evolution of how the internet distributes content.

What is a Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

A bare metal dedicated server is a physical computer hosted within a commercial data center, utilized by a single tenant or organization. This gives the controlling organization of the server full power over its resources, the ability to customize the dedicated server entirely to its’ needs.

Many businesses offer standardized “Root” or “Core” Dedicated Servers as a form of bare metal. Our own KeyStone Series is a bare metal server.

Additionally we also offer..