We are Triii Technologies LLC a technology company, Triii Technologies LLC is a registered Florida Limited Liability Company.

We offer on-premise solutions within Pasco and Pinellas counties.

What we do

Triii Technologies LLC provides internet services, managed service solutions, on premise solutions & specialized internet services to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. We take pride in providing superior value to business owners at industry leading prices.

Technology is very much a part of who we are, our company was founded on the belief that the world is driven by it. We develop powerful managed solutions to simplify, secure and enhance many aspects of digital life.

We operate a diverse network for a large range of applications.

For the DIYER

We’re strong believers in the ability to learn and self sustainment. As a part of our commitment to our customers & future customers we maintain a diverse ever-growing knowledge base on many topics related to our technology services.

We offer unmanaged bare metal servers at industry leading rates, gain the full power of one of our servers on our network without the managed cost.

Bare Metal. Full Power. Perfect for those who like learning new things or those who are looking for a cost effective solution.

We can help!

Our provisioning Team can help with a variety of technology needs. Our managed services are highly malleable to each individual customers’ requirements. Security & Accessibility to your customers are always a top priority, we’re proud to include advanced protection with all of our managed services.

Est. 2016