Triii Technologies LLC is an Limited Liability Company based out of the great state of Florida in the United States of America. When it comes to content hosted on our services or network customers are obliged to abide by the laws of the The United States of America. Content must as well not break any other points documented in these Terms of Service or our Acceptable Usage Policy.

Between Triii Technologies LLC and its affiliates (“Triii Technologies LLC,” “we,” or “us”) and “you,” or (“client”,”user”,”customer”) these Terms of Service constitute a binding legal agreement. The Terms of Service specify how you may use the services made available by and through our platform and website (, as well as all of our related internet and online services and any software that Triii Technologies LLC makes available to you for download or use. The text, data, information, software, graphics, and other materials that we and/or our affiliates may make accessible to you, as well as any services we may offer through this Site, are likewise governed by these Terms of Service.

1. Products & Services

  1. The service description in effect at the time the order is placed determines the extent of our offerings.
  2. You must complete the registration process with up-to-date, accurate identification, contact information, and other information in order to utilize our services. You are accountable for any activities that take place on your account and for preserving the confidentiality and accuracy of your account information. Every piece of content on your account is entirely your responsibility. You undertake to alert Triii Technologies LLC right away if you discover any unauthorized use of your account or other security lapses. If you fail to give us accurate information or fail to maintain the security of your account, Triii Technologies LLC will not be responsible for any resulting loss or damage.
  3. Your use of Triii Technologies LLC services may be terminated or suspended at any time and without prior notice for any reason. When the service is canceled or suspended, your right to use it will end immediately. After we stop or end the service, you might not have access to the data you’ve put there. It is your responsibility to back up any data you use with the service. The amount of your payment that corresponds to the portion of your service that was still in effect just before we terminated your service will be refunded to you on a pro rata basis if we completely cancel your service without cause.

2. Service Use Requirements & Restrictions

  1. Violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy that are malicious or intentional will result in instant termination and a prohibition from using any other services.
  2. You acknowledge that any violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy are banned usage and could lead to an immediate account suspension and/or cancellation without notice.

3. Service Acknowledgements

  1. All Dedicated Servers, VPS, Virtual Private Servers, Webhosting, Websites, Email Services, Digitally hosted content, etc.. That is hosted with Triii Technologies LLC must comply to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. At Triii Technologies LLC we strictly adhere to DMCA guidelines, any content found in violation will result in immediate suspension, and subsequent termination if not rectified.
  3. Orders are provisioned throughout business hours (Monday – Friday) as long as the customer’s payment and contact information comply with the Terms of Service. Automatic orders are executed 24/7
  4. Your server will typically be accessible around-the-clock as part of our efforts to give you the highest uptime possible. In the event of an unavoidable downtime, we may decide to credit your account. If so, be sure to submit a ticket so we can look at your situation.
  5. Orders placed after business hours are provisioned within 24 hours if the client’s Contact Information and Payment are in accordance with the Terms of Service.
  6. When an order is not paid for within 24 hours, the system immediately deletes it. This applies to new services only, existing services have up to 72 hours from payment date to settle negative account credit.
  7. Any modifications to the service that reduce its value will immediately credit the client’s account credit balance with the difference.
  8. On or after the due date, no alterations can be made to the Service billing. Any outstanding debts must be addressed before a service can be changed.

9. Our servers are very well suited for the most, if not all, workloads. However, just like with other technological gadgets, failures do happen sometimes. Every 24 hours, our systems perform off-site backups of our key services, but you, and not Triii Technologies LLC, are ultimately responsible for maintaining data backups.
We make every attempt to offer backups, however if data loss does occur, we cannot be held liable. In the event that a service has a hardware issue, we’ll immediately resume service when the equipment is fixed.

3A. Service Cancellations

  1. Automatic processing of immediate type cancellations often takes place minutes after submission.
  2. End of Cycle cancellations are handled automatically, and they come to an end the next working day after the cycle ends.

3B. Service Suspension

  1. A service that has been suspended is taken down and prevented from being started or accessed. No information will be made accessible or the service activated until the issue that caused the suspension has been remedied.

3C. Service Termination

  1. Upon termination, all linked files and backups are deleted, and any connected IP addresses are returned to the pool of accessible addresses. There is no way to undo this process.

4. Payments & Billing

  1. Chargebacks and payment disputes will result in the immediate suspension of all account services until the dispute is resolved, as well as a ban on future orders for the account. All services associated with the account may be discontinued without notice in the event of a dispute or chargeback, at the sole discretion of Triii Technologies LLC
  2. Invoices for recurring services will be delivered 10 days before the due date.
  3. Services that aren’t paid for by the due date will be suspended after 3 days.
  4. 7 days after the service’s due date, unpaid services will be cancelled.

4A. Prepaid Credit

  1. Prepaid Credit does not expire, and cannot be transferred from one client to another.
  2. It is not possible to withdraw or “cash out” prepaid credit in the form of a refund or another payment.
  3. Credit on an account cannot be transferred. Without exceptions

4B. Refund Policy

  1. Transactions made using credit cards are eligible for refunds up to 7 days after the first purchase payment. To obtain a refund, send a ticket to the billing department.
  2. Generally our refund policy extends to 7 days after time of purchase for most services and products unless otherwise noted in the sale or additional terms of service displayed upon purchase.
  3. Except as otherwise specified on the product page, this return policy is applicable to all products we offer.

5. Service Support

  1. Triii Technologies LLC provided ticketed support for most non mission critical support requests, higher level support is available at an hourly rate.
  2. An emergency response phone number is provided by Triii Technologies LLC upon initial service purchase; it is a part of all plans, but it is charged separately from the plan at a rate of $199 USD per hour with a two hour minimum charge. This rate is applied to all Emergency Response calls.
  3. There is a chance that Triii Technologies LLC will be able to help with third-party software, but the company offers no guarantees. For further information, get in touch with the relevant software’s creators or developers.
  4. As we will treat you with respect, we anticipate that you will treat us with respect. Let’s all practice reciprocal kindness. We have the right to terminate your account or stop communicating with you if you are abusive to our personnel, which includes threats, personal attacks (based on your age, gender, color, sexual orientation, or ability, among other things), and language that usually qualifies as “foul and abusive.” If your issue falls within the parameters of help, our experts will do all possible—and sometimes even more—to fix it.

6. Premium Support

  1. Triii Technologies LLC provides premium support and 3rd party software installation at a minimum of $199 per hour, to request this open a ticket after purchasing a service.
  2. Premium Support produces guaranteed results, or it’s on us. You only pay if the support operation is a success.
  3. For colocation clients, Scheduled Remote Hands services are offered at an hourly cost of $99 with a two hour minimum. These services must be scheduled in advance via ticket, after which an invoice will be issued for payment. Only once payment has been received will services be provided. For Emergencies, Emergency Remote hands are available at $199 per hour with an hour minimum charge.
  4. Triii Technologies LLC offers software stack consultation services for a wide variety of applications, this is including by not limited to Database design, Software Stack design, Digital Service longevity planning, websites, gaming applications and servers, and more. Please contact us for further information.

As of May 7th, 2025, these terms of service have been updated. We reserve the right to Change or Update these Terms of Service with or without notice.