At Triii Technologies LLC there are some restrictions in place for customers that make use of our internet services, resources and or hardware.

Restrictions and Resource Abuse

  1. Any purposeful or unintentional behavior that uses up enough system resources to adversely affect other users or equipment is considered resource abuse.
  2. TOR & I2P – are explicitly forbidden unless written permission is received by the customer by Triii Technologies LLC.

Copyrighted Material & DMCA

  1. At Triii Technologies LLC we strictly adhere to DMCA guidelines, any content found in violation will result in immediate suspension, and subsequent termination if not rectified.
  2. Offenses that are serious or egregious result in immediate termination with no chance of a refund.

Unsolicited Communications

  1. any email correspondence sent without the recipient’s consent. Unsolicited communications that are intentionally allowed or started will result in instant termination and a permanent ban from all future services.
  2. Open Mail Relays are prohibited and will result in a suspension after the first infraction; if it is judged purposeful or extreme, an instant ban from all services may be imposed; and after any subsequent suspensions, a permanent ban from all future services will apply.

Malicious Content & Intent

  1. Any sort of script, code, or other file that executes destructive actions, either to the user impacted or as a result of a user-initiated mass action; Any content that disobeys the laws of the nation it lives in; It is grounds for instant termination and a permanent ban from any future services to knowingly permit or host malicious content.
  2. Any such violations for malware, viruses or otherwise malicious content is grounds for instant termination and a permanent ban from any future services, additionally a report will be delivered to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

Updated 11/06/2023
We reserve the right to modify or amend this AUP with or without notice.