In order to facilitate timely cooperation between Triii Technologies LLC & our Affiliates we have adopted this agreement.

The “Affiliate” in this agreement refers to the one entering in agreement with Triii Technologies LLC.

  1. Triii Technologies LLC undergoes an agreement when a purchase is made through your affiliate link to grant you a varying percentage (10%-15%) of said purchase, this extends to single and ongoing subscriptions.
  2. Triii Technologies LLC reserves the exclusive right to terminate this agreement at its sole discretion if maleficence or mal-intent is perceived on either parties behalf.
  3. This agreement is in effect for the duration of the referred services billing term. If a service is cancelled or otherwise disputed, no further payouts will be made on behalf of Triii Technologies LLC to the affiliate.
  4. This agreement may be modified without notice, however the terms applicable to the affiliate are those in place at time of affiliate onboarding.