Most individuals have at one point used the internet to browse a website, each one of those websites are hosted on a physical server in a data center or similar. There are many classifications of Website Hosting, they often are tailored to suit the size of the business of entity buying web hosting service.

We’ll be briefly exploring dedicated web hosting versus shared web hosting in this publication.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting is a term for websites powered by a private dedicated server. Web hosting of this type often is preferred by businesses due to the fact it is entirely under the organizations control. For a webhosting service to be classified as dedicated it must be operating for and by a single organization or entity. Dedicated Web hosting plans often come with a unique ip address associated with it, in contrast shared web hosting plans have many customers share one ip. This is a major advantage for distinguishing yourself from others, especially when your web server needs to send email or similar.

Dedicated web hosting services often provide value well beyond their initial price tag, this is doubly so if you are granted higher access to your dedicated web hosting server.

When higher access is provided, you can potentially host many applications on a dedicated web hosting server, however we do not recommend that you do this. You should keep a specialized machine for a public facing web server as it is something you should always consider business critical.

Dedicated web hosting servers are often treated with a greater level of scrutiny by your dedicated server provider, meaning because they know what type of traffic (uses and users) patterns to expect your website to produce, DDoS protection services are much easier applied.

As a website owner, Denial of Service attacks are an unfortunate reality, but it’s not an uphill battle! There are many ways a dedicated web hosting service protects you from these types of attacks. At Triii Technologies LLC, we offer web sanitization services to help secure your infrastructure from unwanted attention this includes advanced, multi-layered ddos protection and filtering, the base level of these services are includes free-of-charge to all of our customers as an operational standard.

Our KeyStone Series Servers line make excellent edge facing web servers, they are tailor made with enterprise only processors to handle impressive web workloads.