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Why choose Triii Technologies LLC as your WordPress Website Hosting Provider?

Industry Experts

It is critical to find a WordPress host that can support your business. At Triii Technologies We run WordPress too!
Our WordPress Hosting service was developed with speed and reliability in mind.

Designed for elasticity, our plans are designed to handle all types of WordPress websites, from large e-commerce stores, to personal blogs and small businesses.

Strong Hardware, Tailor made

Many WordPress providers make use of old outdated Intel Xeon processors with high core counts, but with low clock speed (2ghz or slower commonly!). Modern WordPress plugins make use of the most processing power available. We’ve hand built AMD Ryzen Pro Series servers that run at a minimum of 3.4ghz per core to absolutely powerhouse your WordPress installation, because ultimately speed is a big factor of many website users. Process faster, load faster with WordPress hosting powered by Triii Technologies LLC.

Enterprise Grade Security

Security is paramount at Triii Technologies LLC, an unfortunate reality is that once your WordPress website goes public, it will be subject to many attacks over its lifespan. Usually within days brute force attacks begin on unsecured WordPress installations to try to determine the administrator password in an effort to compromise the system. This is just one of the many common cyber attacks you will face when becoming a webmaster of a WordPress Website.

We equip you with a variety of utilities to help combat brute force logins, DDoS attacks, xmlrpc brute force and other WordPress focused cyber attacks.

We got your back!

We’re here to help!
Need to speak to a person? Just visit the help desk and we’ll guide you from there!

For those who like to DIY, we offer many self help WordPress tutorials on a variety of topics to help you succeed. It does not stop at tutorials, We also provide a comprehensive knowledge base of many WordPress topics prepared by our in-house experts.

Should we not cover a subject, please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to fill that knowledge gap!


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